Matthaus Passion

  • Die Matthäuspassion von Johann Sebastian Bach spektakulär und doch intim auf die Bühne gebracht.

    "What moves the body today?
    When is a moment of our lives when we truly connect with our deepest feeling of Passion? Does faith still have a place in our society and in our life today? Johann Sebastian Bach composed a master piece of music, Matthäus Passion in which Jesus offers his body for redemption of humanity. His lesson of standing torture and pain as a path for illumination: "This is my body, you may take it", "This is my blood, you may drink it"
    Right now we can ask ourselves, where is passion – where even compassion ended up? It seems that only on the occasion of extreme situations we are remembering of it. Facing extremist terror attacks or tsunami and other natural catastrophes we suddenly rediscover our sense of faith and emotion.
    In this work in progress the choreographic material is developed not from characters, but as a translation of physical ideas, pictures, visions. The images do not illustrate the story; they signalize the emotion behind it. The body of the dancer is used as a medium. The score of emotions as originated in motives, as Blindness, Pain and Beauty, offers the base for inspiration. It's a puzzle, a mosaic and a prayer.
    A Physical study of passion.
    A Passion in progress.
    A landscape of emotions." (Ismael Ivo )

  • Künstlerische Leitung / Direzione Artistica / Art Direction
    Manfred Schweigkofler

    Musikalische Leitung / Direzione Musicale / Music Direction
    Claudio Astronio

    Choreographie / Coreografia / Choreography
    Ismael Ivo

    Bühnenbild / Scene / Set design
    Hans-Martin Scholder

    Musik / Musica / Music
    Johann Sebastian Bach

    Tänzer / Danzatori / Dancers
    crystal d: Ismael Ivo, Sarah Grether, Franca Pagliasotto, Karl SchreinerComapgnia Fabula Saltica: Vito Alfarano, Massimo Cerruti, Roberto Augusto Costa, Federica Iacuzzi, Paola Maran

    Chor und Orchester / Coro e Orchestra / Choir and Orchestra
    Bozen Baroque

    Solisten / Solisti / Solo Singers
    Susanne Ryden, Makoto Sakurada, Christian Hilz, Sergio Foresti, Max Mauthe

  • 8 Tänzer

    5 Solisten



    Dauer: 2 Stunden und 35 Min. (+ 1 Pause)





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