Lysistrata 21

  • Lysistrata 21; a Rock Theatre


    World Premiere: 21th June, 2019

    Pula (Croatia, HR)


    …a new crossover format, a combination of theatre, music, dance, comedia, slapstick and Rock`n`Roll

    • ancient theatre
    • comedia dell´arte
    • stand up comedy
    • musical
    • rock opera
    • trash

    by Manfred Schweigkofler

    My Lysistrata 21 is a Rock´n´Roll Lysistrata

    I connect the text, the various moments of the show and the tensions and emotions of the characters of Aristophanes with moments of known music that tell exactly the feeling of the comedy written almost 2500 years ago now.

    And here we go: the feminine revolution takes its cue from a "They don´t really care about us" (Michael Jackson), the confidence of women finds a hymn of self-comfort in "It´s all about the base" (Meghan Trainor) and the women's revolution culminates in the conquest of the acropolis („We will rock you” by Queen). The fight is underlayed with “Smoke on the Water” and the male desperation resounds in “Ain´t no sunshine when she´s gone”. Is it still “A men´s world”?




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