Aida - Operacomix

  • Manfred Schweigkofler is the artistic director and inventor of Operacomix.


    What is Operacomix

    It's a fun, innovative approach to learning about the world of opera quickly and in a way that's absolutely true to the original.
    Translates the major (and the minor) repertory of lyric operas into the language of cartoons.
    The crucial moments, the plot, the main characters, the emotions, the great arias, the tragedies and the love affairs in the history of opera are converted into stories in comic form.
    The texts of the opera librettos are condensed into a version that maintains the essence of the original text.
    Operacomix is the ideal, enjoyable way to learn about the world of opera, especially lesser known works. It is particularly suited to audiences who do not usually enjoy opera.

    The advantages of

    It gives you a quick, general picture of the work. You no longer need to read a synopsis, and you no longer have to study official programs.

    You immediately understand the political and historical situations, the most important characters, and their feelings.

    The context of the arias is immediately clear.
    Thus, children and young people can approach the world of opera playfully. Interest is effectively developed for this complete art form, and the antagonism that young people usually feel for opera is left behind.
    Naturally, operacomix is ideal for schools. And, the bilingual versions are useful for learning a foreign language.

    The principles of

    We accurately represent the plot, because we remain true to the libretto.

    We respect the original language, because we don't modernise or translate the text, but skilfully condense it.

    We remain true to the music and the feelings it expresses.

    We tell the story in the historical context chosen by the composer.

    We tell stories that are full of emotion, in an accurate and enjoyable way.
    Opera + Comics =



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