A night in Venice

  • The secrets of Venice, which have been exciting the imagination of mankind for centuries, are coming to light in a breathtaking dance show on the stage of ExperiDance. We find a world of instincts filled with contradictions and passion behind the carnival masks, which is shown in its full splendour through Sándor Román’s choreography.


    Aristocratic glitter and the poverty of alleys, sighs fading off in cathedrals, dancing at dawn above the city, and lots and lots of desires. This is the performance entitled ‘A Passionate Night in Venice’, in which every Venice resident is in love with someone or something: Paganini with his violin, a lady with Casanova, a banker with glittering gold coins, and Death perhaps with Life itself.


    From this many confessions of love develops the dance of the city, while iconic figures from the rich history of Venice are revived on the tunes with modern rhythms of the most famous European composers.


    Idea- Stage Director: Manfred Schweigkofler

    Choreographer: Sándor Román




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