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Dolomytica is a multimedia dance performance in scenes about myths and legends of the Dolomites where ancient fantasy and wisdom of the mountain people is confirmed, stories that have almost been forgotten come back to life and evoke languages and sounds that have fallen into disuse. Dolomytica is a journey to rediscover the myths of the mountain, invented and lost over the decades, brought to life once again in a new way and reinterpreted with the creativity and imagination of contemporary artists.

• Awarded with the "Premio Danza & Danza 2002" for best original music for dance

Idee und Konzeption / Idea e concetto / Idea and conception
Manfred Schweigkofler

Künstlerische Leitung / Direzione artistica / Artistic Director
Chiara Tanesini

Choreographie und Regie / Coreografia e Regia / Choreography and Direction
Jean Christophe Blavier, Chiara Tanesini

Musik, Komposition, Performance / Musiche, Composizione, Performance / Music, composers, performance
Joao de Bruco, Roderik Vanderstraeten

Bühnenbild / Scenografia / Set Design
Michael Zimmermann

Kostüm Design / Design costumi / Costume design
Chiara Tanesini