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Meran007 - City history

City Theatre - Merano

MERANO 007 – Video Mapping

Manfred Schweigkofler

Premier: 28. March 2018

Performed for the 700 anniversary of Merano 

As part of the video mapping show "Meran007", the most exciting episodes of the 700-year history of Merano can be experienced at first hand. State-of-the-art projection technology and effects reflect the past into the city theater, and the public is directly involved.

Through the technique of video mappings, three-dimensional light and graphics effects are projected onto the interior of the Meraner Stadttheater: they revitalize the surfaces of the stage, the audience and the parquet in affacianting manner. The show is accompanied by music composed especially for "Meran007". In the course of the thirty-minute show, the spectators become the first settlers of the city of Meran; they are experiencing devastating catastrophes, but they also witness the pleasurable and hopeful moments of a city that has been able to overcome difficult times in the past..

Visual Design und Konzept: Christoph Grigoletti

Director: Manfred Schweigkofler

Musik: David Hüger

Info: https://www.merano-suedtirol.it/de/urlaub-meran/meran-007/